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Meet the Time Machine 3.0

You’re a physician, not a lab tech. Put the latest technology when it comes to the isolation of adipose derived stem cells in your clinic.

Through sophisticated engineering, the Time Machine 3.0 will isolate and purify your patients’ adipose derived stem cells automatically and safely, yielding you a large quantity of highly viable stem cells, while freeing up you and your team to spend more time with your patients.

With the Time Machine 3.0, you’ll have an automated closed system to isolate high quality mesenchymal stem cells right in your office.

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Make Decisions Backed by Years of Patient Data

CSN Members use the Regenatrak Database to track their patient outcomes over a 5 year period.

This data helps CSN physicians make better clinical decisions and advance the field of personal cell therapy responsibly.

What Areas Of Medicine Can Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy

The Time Machine 3.0 and CSN data offer a potential healing solution to a wide range of medical conditions and surgical procedures that can often otherwise result in lifelong dependence on medication or surgery-related complications.

Because this treatment approach does not require invasive surgeries, patients can be treated in just under two hours without the need for a prolonged recovery time. Join our network to discover the ways regenerative medicine and personal cell therapy™ can benefit the following areas:

Neurology Therapy


Stem cell therapy holds immense promise in the field of neurology, offering a transformative approach to addressing neurological disorders. Stem cell therapy can repair and restore damaged neural tissue, potentially reversing conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries. In addition to replacing lost or dysfunctional cells, stem cells promote the re-establishment of neural connections and can help to restore the integrity of the neuro-supportive microglial cells. Innovating treatment options like this provide hope for patients and pave the way for advancements in neurology that target underlying causes of neurological disorders.
Urology Therapy


Stem cell therapy in urology is emerging as a promising frontier that may revolutionize treatment approaches. For conditions such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and kidney disease, stem cells hold the potential to rejuvenate and repair damaged urological tissues. Using stem cell therapy to stimulate tissue regeneration and repair damaged blood vessels can improve bladder and urinary function, as well as improve erectile function. By addressing the root causes of urological issues, this approach offers improved quality of life to patients and marks an important advancement in urology.
Cardiology Therapy


For cardiac and pulmonary conditions, stem cell therapy offers novel treatment and recovery options. With their remarkable ability to differentiate into cardiac and lung cells, stem cells may be able to repair damaged heart tissue after myocardial infarctions and restore pulmonary function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pulmonary fibrosis. In addition to promoting angiogenesis, tissue regeneration, and anti-inflammatory responses, stem cell therapy can improve cardiovascular health and lung function. With this approach, cardiac and pulmonary patients will be able to address not only symptoms but also the underlying mechanisms, offering new horizons of healing and improved quality of life.
Orthopedics Therapy


Stem cell therapy offers a revolutionary path to enhanced healing and functional restoration in orthopedics. This approach harnesses stem cells’ regenerative capabilities to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, and bone fractures. Stem cells have the unique ability to differentiate into bone, cartilage, and tendon cells, facilitating the repair of damaged musculoskeletal structures. Stem cells can also promote tissue regeneration through their anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory properties and paracrine effect, potentially reducing pain and speeding up recovery. This innovative approach allows patients to address the root causes of orthopedic conditions, improve mobility, reduce pain, and improve quality of life through long-term recovery.
Wellness Therapy


Look good, feel good. Stem cell therapy is currently being used to help revitalize skin naturally. Stem cells can help restore aging collagen and elastin fibers, which in turn can help provide patients with a more youthful look without the use of temporary and foreign fillers. Stem cells can also be used preventatively to reduce scarring. As our bodies are simply made of cells, stem cells can also provide a futuristic approach to health and longevity rooted in natural evolution. Stem cells have the unique ability to home into sites of inflammation and pick up local signals, which can direct them accordingly. By taking advantage of these natural properties, we can use stem cell therapy to potentially treat conditions that have yet to surface.
Autoimmune Therapy


With regard to autoimmune diseases, stem cell therapy offers a revolutionary approach aimed at resetting the immune system and offering relief to people who suffer from chronic immune-mediated illnesses. This therapy could treat diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic lupus erythematosus by suppressing aberrant immune responses. The properties of stem cells can aid in regulating the immune system, decreasing inflammation, and promoting tolerance to self-antigens. Stem cell therapy can help patients achieve long-term remissions and improved quality of life by restoring a balanced immune system through processes such as immune system “rebooting” and through the generation of regulatory T cells. This innovative approach offers hope of transformative outcomes beyond symptom management for those suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Meet Some of the Cell Surgical Network

With over 10 years of data on tens of thousands of patients, The Time Machine 3.0 from Cell Surgical Network has demonstrated outstanding safety and efficacy in many applications of stem cell therapy for degenerative conditions, with no major side effects.

As the industry leader in regenerative medicine, Cell Surgical Network’s world-class experts have published studies demonstrating the sustained benefits and precision of The Time Machine 3.0.

Physicians, surgeons, and patients can feel confident using this advanced regenerative therapy.


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Why Stem Cell Therapy Over Other Treatment Options

The unique attributes of stem cell therapy have enabled it to surpass conventional treatments as a beacon of medical progress. Unlike many traditional approaches that simply alleviate symptoms by masking them, stem cell therapy addresses the root cause of ailments by engaging the body’s inherent regenerative potential. Stem cells have a remarkable adaptability, which allows them to support natural healing processes, promoting tissue repair and rejuvenation.

The personalized nature of autologous (your own) stem cell therapy sets it apart from other therapies. Personalized treatment ensures precision and compatibility, utilizing your own DNA for your own body, reducing the risk of adverse reactions. As opposed to interventions with possible side effects, stem cell therapy uses the patient’s resources, minimizing external factors that could slow or derail recovery. The use of stem cells as a treatment can ease symptoms and lay the foundation for sustained, holistic healing.

CSN’s Peer Reviewed Publications

CSN is an international collaborative effort amongst the leading physicians in the field of personal cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Our work and patient outcomes are collected and aggregated in the Regenatrak Database and have resulted in numerous peer reviewed publications to date.

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