10th Cell Surgical Conference: June 1-3, 2023 at the Wynn, Las Vegas

Conference Overview

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Learn How You & Your Patients Can Benefit!

Join Physicians & Scientists from around the globe in Las Vegas, NV for the 10th Annual Cell Surgical Conference – a 3-day multi-disciplinary event that examines the most recent advancements made in regenerative medicine. Attendees will:

  • Learn the latest Regenerative Medical techniques & advancements from the World’s leaders coming from Japan, South Korea, UAE, Europe, Russia and across the USA
  • Discover the different techniques in regenerative medicine using autologous stem cells (bone marrow and adipose), allogeneic stem cell (cord blood, wharton’s jelly, amniotic membrane), exosomes, peptides, and growth factors
  • Build your own schedule: choose from a number of workshops, where you will learn specific regenerative techniques designed to bring your enhance your current practice.
  • Network with multi-disciplinary colleagues from around the world at the Thursday and Friday night cocktail & hor d’oeuvres reception
  • Meet our exhibitors, the best in cell therapy (cord blood, autologous tissues), exosomes, hair transfer, supplementation, therapies and tools to augment your regenerative medical practice
  • Learn how to add personal cell therapy to your practice using IRB approved protocols and get hands-on training and certification in the mini-liposuction procedure required for the case (Optional & Pre-Conference)

Register at; www.CellSurgicalConference.com