Cell Surgical Network offers physicians tools to help regenerate and rejuvenate their patients’ skin, face, and scars naturally, helping to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers, providing a more youthful result without having to rely on manufactured fillers, invasive procedures, or cutting and pulling.

Neck Arthritis and Spine Disease

Neck arthritis and spine diseases, such as degenerative disk disease and facet arthropathy, frequently cause neck pain. Several types of arthritis are known to cause back pain, but the most common is arthritis of the facet joints. These conditions can significantly affect a patient’s quality of life, leading to discomfort and limited mobility. However, it’s important to note that not all individuals with disk problems or arthritis are suitable candidates for regenerative therapy. Patients must be carefully selected for this level of care to be effective.

Using our advanced technique, Cell Surgical Network harnesses the healing properties of SVF, a concentrated source of stem cells and growth factors. The neck is examined using cutting-edge MRI technology or radiographic imaging. Once located, we precisely deliver SVF using image guided deployments, all in an outpatient setting during SVF collection. Stem cell therapy has the potential to promote natural healing and tissue regeneration, offering a promising alternative for patients with neck or spinal issues seeking non-surgical solutions.

Back Arthritis and Spine Disease

Back pain can also be caused by degenerative disk disease and facet arthritis. Like neck conditions, selecting the right patient to ensure the best outcome is just as important.

As SVF is rich in anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors, we can tap into the healing properties of this compound for back arthritis and spine disorders. As with our neck procedure, we use cutting-edge MRI technology or radiographic imaging locate problem areas along the spine. Image guidance is used to precisely deliver SVF after it has been harvested. Patients seeking an alternative to surgery may benefit from stem cell therapy, which promotes healing and tissue repair in the body.

Orthopedic Care for Knee Problems

Arthritis of the knee is a degenerative joint disease that affects many people. Alternatives to knee surgery include cartilage substitutes and steroids, but the long-term viability of steroid injections is uncertain, requires multiple ongoing treatments, and can lead to further cartilage deterrioration. Since stem cells have the potential to regenerate, the Cell Surgical Network believes stem cell therapy can be a promising option for combating knee arthritis.

Our protocol for degenerative knee disease harnesses the healing properties of stem cells and growth factors enriched in SVF. The use of stem cells can promote cartilage repair, reducing associated inflammation by addressing the root cause of the problem. Based on extensive research by the Cell Surgical Network, this non-invasive approach may provide long-lasting relief and delay or even eliminate the need for surgery.

Orthopedic Care for Hip Problems

One of the most common degenerative joint diseases is hip arthritis. Many patients seek to delay hip replacement surgery and opt for hip injections with steroids, though the long-term efficacy of steroids is questionable.

Cell Surgical Network proposes stem cell therapy as an alternative approach for hip arthritis, a prevalent form of degenerative joint disease, aiming to allow patients to postpone or potentially avoid hip replacement surgery. As a non-surgical option, stem cell therapy stimulates natural tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, and promotes joint health.

To harness the regenerative and healing properties of SVF, our protocol for degenerative hip disease uses image guidacne to deploy it precisely and accurately to enhance outcomes. For those seeking long-term relief from hip arthritis without the uncertainty of steroid injections, stem cell therapy is an excellent alternative. The Cell Surgical Network has conducted extensive research to establish its safety and effectiveness.

Orthopedic Care for Elbow & Hand Problems

It is estimated that millions of people in the world suffer from arthritis in the joints of their upper extremities, including their elbows and wrists. It should be noted that not all cases will be able to benefit from cell therapy, so a careful assessment of the individual case is crucial.

Cell Surgical Network recommends stem cell therapy as a potential solution for arthritis in upper extremity joints, like elbows and wrists, because it offers a minimally invasive option to alleviate pain and improve joint function. The benefits of stem cell therapy lie in its ability to regenerate tissue and speed up the body’s natural healing processes, which may be particularly beneficial in these delicate joints. The Cell Surgical Network’s extensive research and patient outcomes data support the viability of this approach, making it a compelling alternative to traditional surgical interventions.

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