CSN’s First Book, The Stem Cell Revolution, is $3.99 on your Kindle!

August 2015
Co-Medical Directors Mark Berman, MD, FACS & Elliot Lander, MD, FACS have just released their first book, The Stem Cell Revolution.  The book describes their journey into the growing arena of clinical stem cell therapy, by highlighting not only the road that brought a team of physicians together, but also real stories from a number of patients who got their health back via stem cell therapy.  Unbeknownst to most, our fat is loaded with stem cells that can be used at any time to treat and reverse a variety of complicated inflammatory and degenerative conditions.  Most people have no idea that these “magic cells” lie dormant in our bodies, waiting for the correct enzymes & processes to turn them into a powerhouse of cells ready for combat.  A common myth is that we all must wait until a large pharmaceutical company or a research scientist at a university manufactures stem cells from embryos.  Yet the Cell Surgical Network, under the guidance of Doctors Berman and Lander, has been gathering investigational data which shows your cells are safe and effective to deploy against a large number of conditions TODAY.  Almost any condition caused by damage or degradation of your body’s cells, is a condition with the potential for a response to stem cell therapy.  In fact, the potential exists to simply use your own cells to extend your life in a healthy, functional manner. It’s official: the stem cell revolution train has left the station.
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