Dr. Berman gives a lecture to Australian group including Life Stem Cell Centers

Here is your recording link to Dr Mark Berman’s inspirational lecture on the transition that is going on with adipose derived stem cells from uses in cosmetic surgery to therapeutic uses. As Dr Berman pointed out there are many many more beneficial uses for these stem cells for therapeutic uses than ever first thought. Hence the title of his lecture:
It was a great honor to have a doctor of Dr Berman’s status as current President and Board Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery speak to us. You do not get appointed to such a senior position as this unless you are highly regarded by your peers. It shows you our little charity is starting to be noticed thanks to your help.
Dr Berman is also the co founder of the CELL SURGICAL NETWORK which consists of 27 key Physicians based around the USA who share their stem cell data and experiences using the Closed Surgical Procedure method developed by Dr Berman and his team. This unique technology allows them to isolate high numbers of viable stem cells plus other benefits previously unattainable. This is great for their patients and obviously contributes to their high success rate over a wide range of conditions and diseases. ALL THESE BENEFITS WILL IN TIME FLOW ON TO YOU OUR MEMBERS, AS OUR NETWORK GROWS.
Dr Berman operates clinics in Beverley Hills and Shanghai. He works closely with the Life Stem Cell Centres of Excellence in Shanghai doing many procedures on a regular basis. Both Dr Berman and Shannon Neilsen are excited at the future prospects of more involvement with the ASCF in Australia and NZ. – WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE EXCITING NEWS!
Recording of Dr Berman last Tuesday night, it takes about a minute to load –
CELL SURGICAL NETWORK – http://stemcellrevolution.com/physician-network/