Endoscopic treatment of sphincter insufficiency with autologous fat injection

Arch Ital Urol Androl. 1994 Sep;66(4 Suppl):219-24.
[Endoscopic treatment of sphincter insufficiency with autologous fat injection].
[Article in Italian]
Cervigni M, Tomiselli G, Perricone C, Panei M.
Unità di Urologia Ginecologica Ospedale S. Carlo di Nancy, Roma.
A total of 11 women with stress urinary incontinence related to intrinsic sphinteric incontinence (type 3) underwent periurethral injection of autogolous fat. The fat was harvested from the abdominal wall by special liposuction unit including: a special syringe for plastic surgery provided with 6 straight needles 12-20 Gauge connected to a vaum extractor for the liposuction; a 14 Gauge straight needle for lipofilling periurethrally and then a cystoscope with a 0 degree and 70 degree lenses. The fat is injected at 3 and 9 o’clock position and the mean quantity was 15,5 ml. The exact localization of the injected area was endoscopically detected before, and afterwards with an ultrasound transrectal probe. Follow up results were assessed clinically and by urodinamic and ultrasound evaluation at 3, 6 and every six months following. A follow up was ranged from 9 to 36 months (mean 22.6). Of the 11 women, 6 (54.5%) were cured, 2 (18.2%) pats. Were improved and in 3 woman (27.3%) no change occurred. The Urodynamic parameters didn’t show any statistical significant change except for Functional Urethral Length (p < 02) and Flow Time (p < 04) that increased in cured patient. The ultrasound evaluation showed an hyperecogenic aspect in all patients; and al the urethral wall was hyperecognic in 1 woman. The resorption average time was 8 months, and 8 pats (72.7%) showed a partial resorption after 22 months. 3 patients should have been reinjected, 2 of them were cured and in the last one an improvement was observed.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)
PMID: 7889066
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