Meet the Founders of Cell Surgical Network

Welcome to the Cell Surgical Network, home of Personal Cell Therapy and the Stem Cell Revolution led by the visionary founders Dr. Mark Berman and Dr. Elliot Lander.

Since 2010, these pioneering physicians have dedicated themselves to advancing the field of regenerative medicine by harnessing the power of autologous adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF) for investigational therapy in patients with inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology developed in South Korea, they have successfully developed a closed surgical method to isolate the SVF, a cellular medium abundant in stem cells.

Mark Berman


Elliot Lander


The History of CSN

Operating under Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved protocols, Drs. Berman and Lander established the California Stem Cell Treatment Center® (CSCTC) in 2010 to begin exploring the potential healing power of autologous adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF). Their distinguished multidisciplinary team experienced success in numerous fields and began organically sharing their findings with colleagues.

This work blossomed into the Cell Surgical NetworkTM, an international collaboration of physicians looking to help their patients heal naturally with their own stem cells and avoid major surgical interventions and pharmaceuticals. Working with international organizations and expert physicians, CSN diligently formulated and optimized the process of harvesting, isolating, the deploying SVF and personal stem cells. This collegial international collaborative effort has led to the production of numerous peer-reviewed publications, indicating both the safety and efficacy of SVF in many fields and uses. 

When the right to use your own personal stem cells came under attack by the FDA in 2018, Drs. Berman and Lander felt as though they had an obligation to protect patients’ medical freedom and the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship. They took over 5 years in federal court to defend their patients’ personal cells and proved victorious in August of 2022 when a federal judge ruled in the public’s favor stating that your own cells are not a drug. With the outcome of this ruling, the field can continue to advance, and patients’ health and healing can continue to be safely optimized with the power of their own regenerative cells, just as Mother Nature intended.

CSN Sets a New Standard

On this website, you will not only find comprehensive information about cell surgery but also discover a network of trusted  CSN™ members.  You are encouraged to submit your inquiries, and we can connect you to the nearest specialized physician, knowing that they are all integral members of the same team, providing consistent investigational services to all eligible patients.

Our Founding Principles

1 Your cells heal and are the future of medicine

2 A Network of specialists using cells in their field

3 Open communication via a shared online database drives this technology

The Cell Surgical Network™ is founded on the principles of true teamwork, fostering open communication, and utilizing a shared online database. This collaborative approach enables the accumulation of the most robust and comprehensive information, facilitating the establishment of optimal treatment protocols for a multitude of inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

Every affiliated member within CSN™ actively contributes to our IRB-approved investigation, ensuring the highest research and patient care standards.