MidWest Book Review – by Diane Donovan

midwestbookreviewThe Stem Cell Revolution  joins only a relative handful of others on a blossoming topic of stem cell research, and describes clinical stem cell therapy by highlighting science, health applications, and research techniques and how they apply to clinical settings.
One might think from its title that possibly a background in health or science would be required, but The Stem Cell Revolution needs no such expertise: it’s intended for lay readers with backgrounds in neither discipline, and discusses cell therapy with general-interest readers in mind.
Discussions don’t neglect ethical challenges, either, but tackle head-on the controversies surrounding stem cell therapies and research: “It’s actually sad to see how so many scientists and physicians have been manipulated by special interest groups that have used the FDA to falsely support their position, keep out competition, and prevent doctors like us from simply caring for our patients. Indeed, as physicians, we appreciate that the Hippocratic oath (and the AMA code of ethics) are pretty clear about a doctor’s responsibility to help his/her patients if at all possible.”
Chapters focusing on the work and applications of stem cell therapy are based upon the work of two doctor/authors and their creation of the Cell Surgical Network. They explain how stem cell healing covers a wide range of health issues, from asthma attacks to vision improvement, they survey the evolution of the Cell Surgical Network, and they paint a positive future of cell therapies which could include applications at medical clinics and pharma-based models; not just surgical networks.
Coming from two pioneers in the medical industry who have far-reaching vision and admit that stem cell therapy is in its infancy and promises to be a “disruptive technology” in the most positive of perspectives, The Stem Cell Revolution should be pursued by any who tire of hearing that doctors can do nothing to treat a wide range of medical ailments.
Now, they can.