Cell Surgical Network’s Technology

The CSN Time Machine is utilized by hundreds of clinics across the country and around the world and, to date, has been used in tens of thousands of personal cell therapy cases.

The Time Machine 3.0 Auto brings a new level of sophistication to the clinical process, providing doctors with a surgically closed system that automatically isolates stromal vascular fraction without the headache of manual intervention while always prioritizing cell count and viability.


Cutting Edge Solutions

The Cell Surgical Network is at the forefront of regenerative medicine, utilizing cutting-edge adipose-derived stem cells for deployment and clinical research. Unlike early stem cell research, which involved controversial embryonic stem cells, our focus lies on non-embryonic adult mesenchymal stem cells and specifically those found in one’s adipose tissue (fat).

This shift in cell therapy worldwide is due to the ease of obtaining and the robust nature of adipose-derived cells. Adipose fat serves as a plentiful and reliable source of stem cells, with 500-2000 times more stem cells in it than bone marrow. Further, the cells in adipose tissue are actually quite young relatively, regardless of one’s age.

The average lifespan of adipose is 7-10 years, meaning the stem cells within adipose are not required to multiply a divide frequently, keeping them young, healthy, potent, and viable.

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Our Process


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You have made an important decision to have a stem cell deployment.


Local Anesthesia & Harvesting Fat

Patients have their fat harvested in our special sterile treatment procedure under a local anesthetic



After harvesting, stem cells are separated from fat cells. CSN’s process yields a high number of stem cells



Stem cells are then injected into veins, arteries, spinal fluid, or directly into joints or bones.

The small amount of liposuctioned fat that is used is obtained in a virtually painless procedure done completely under local anesthesia, taking approximately 20 minutes.

Next, adipose-derived stem cells and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) are most easily and safely obtained through enzymatic isolation, which utilizes a GMP collagenase enzyme to break down the collagen matrix that binds the adipocytes to the remaining regenerative cells desired in SVF.

This technique, which used to require high-quality surgical technician skill, is now automated and prioritizes the total cell count and viability of the final SVF.

Once these adipose-derived stem cells are reintroduced into the patient, they have the potential to repair human tissue by promoting healing through cell signaling (paracrine effect) and generating new cells.
With their ability to form multiple cell and tissue types along with their ability to generate new blood vessels, adipose-derived stem cells show great promise in healing degenerative diseases and injuries.

Make Decisions Backed by Years of Patient Data

Cell Surgical Network is proud to lead not only in the innovation of applied adipose-derived stem cell therapies but also in the data accumulation required to support these procedures. Working under numerous IRB-approved protocols, all of our patients are entered into an online HIPAA-compliant database, allowing us to track safety and efficacy outcomes in patients for a 5 year period.

Many of our studies have been published and reported on in peer-reviewed medical journals and posted for others to see and hopefully further advance this field. Our data collection helps us optimize our protocols, interventions and ultimately help our patients heal better, naturally.