– Data Updated

CSN has fully migrated our data collection to the new Regenatrak Database, which can be found at This project has been over 2 years in the making, with the goal of making the network’s and your practice’s data more accessible to everyone participating.

Updates: The new Regenatrak has made it easier for patient data entry, with smart fileds that adapt based on your patients and your planned course of action for their treatment. You can enter details about any of your cases, whether you’re working with SVF, exosomes, expanded cells, PRP, peptides and more. Charting can be quick and easy or as detailed as you want, including cell counts, viabilities, and volumes deployed and various locations. All of this can be used and stratified later during the reporting analysis process.

Follow up is critical when collecting patient outcomes. Regenatrak automates the follow up process by sending condition specific questionnaires to you patients at specific time periods after their procedure that they can fill out in the comfort of their own home. We’re all inundated with emails, so sometimes these questionnaires can be missed, which is why we’ve put a lot of effort into our “Follow Up” section, allowing clinics to sort their follow ups by those which are more immediately pending, resending follow ups at the click of a button, and even making follow up phone calls easy, with integrated call logs, so that multiple staff can tackle follow up at the same time without duplicating efforts.

We continue to work on the platform on a daily basis and have a world class team of computer scientists, who have built our program from scratch, tailored to your medical needs and our desire to collect robust data. Our team is led by a computer scientist with a PhD in artificial intelligence, which we hope will allow us to integrate image processing and large data analysis such as blood, biomarker and DNA test results, so that we can one day gain meaningful information from.