In the field of urology and regenerative medicine, Cell Surgical Network stands as a beacon of innovation and progress. Under the guidance of renowned urologist Dr. Elliot Lander, we are forging a path toward transformative healthcare solutions. The primary goal of our organization is to provide cutting-edge stem cell therapy technology to fellow physicians. By providing a compelling alternative to conventional surgical methods, we aim to revolutionize patient care. As we embrace stem cell advancements to enrich your patients’ lives, join us in reshaping the future of urology.

Interstitial Cystitis and Personal Cell Therapy

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a painful bladder condition that traditionally has been difficult to diagnose and treat. By using high-dose adipose-derived stem cells, we potentially promote bladder repair and relieve patients suffering from IC. Patients with IC can experience a renewed sense of relief and improved quality of life through stem cell therapy, which directly targets the root causes of the disease and aids in the regeneration of damaged bladder tissues.

Peyronies Disease and Non-Surgical Options

Peyronie’s Disease is a physically and psychologically challenging condition, and now there is a non-surgical alternative through stem cell therapy. The autologous adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction is injected into Peyronies plaques, potentially offering hope to patients who have not responded well to other methods. Using stem cells, affected individuals may experience less pain, improved penile function, and improved overall well-being due to the active targeting of fibrous scar tissue responsible for Peyronie’s Disease.

Erectile Dysfunction and Stem Cell Therapy

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), which can significantly impact their lives. We combine adipose-derived stem cells with low-intensity shock wave therapy to stimulate vascular endothelial repair and angiogenesis, potentially improving erectile function. With stem cells, we are able to address underlying vascular problems contributing to ED, offering patients a natural and effective solution for regaining sexual health.

Male Incontinence and Post-Prostatectomy Care

Urinary incontinence in men can significantly impact a man’s quality of life, especially after prostate cancer surgery. Using a stromal vascular fraction combined with adipose-derived adult mesenchymal stem cells, Cell Surgical Network is able to address post-prostatectomy incontinence, bringing hope for bladder control to patients. Stem cell therapy offers a promising avenue for restoring sphincter functionality, which could provide patients with renewed bladder control and the opportunity to regain independence and well-being.

Join Cell Surgical Network

Our team at Cell Surgical Network believes that stem cell technology can transform urology and regenerative medicine. Our protocols have been extensively documented in peer-reviewed publications, providing a solid foundation for innovative approaches. We welcome physicians to join our network and become pioneers in this field. Embracing stem cell therapy into your practice can help you offer patients effective alternatives to surgery and reshape the landscape of urology. Together, we can make a profound difference in countless lives. Help us advance regenerative medicine and provide hope to those seeking better urologic care.